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Concepts in Exercise and Training Programs

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Posted on January 15, 2013 at 11:54 AM Comments comments (730)
Get fit with a partner this New Year! PREVISE WELLNESS guest blogger and fitness expert JR Rosania shares his recommendations today.  Resolutions are really, really hard – and sometimes we feel like we let ourselves down when we fail to stick with our promise.  Frankly, we’ve all been bombarded with New Year notices and “inside secrets.” Some of us made resolutions to get in better shape; resolutions, which like the holidays, are already a distant blur. The fact is most New Years resolutions last 30 days or less – when the routine and discipline starts to wane and it gets harder and harder to stick with that early conviction.

 JR offers a new and fresh way to stay stick with your desire, and it involves a cheerleader, coach, counselor and best friend… that’s right, your partner! No weights, no gym, just you and your partner. The only thing you have to promise is to be your partner’s cheerleader, coach, counselor and best friend too. Together you keep each other accountable, and encourage each other to great new fitness levels. 

 JR, “I’ve outlined four [4] great exercises, which, done with your partner will firm up your abdominal core, legs, chest and arms, as you workout together. It’s a fun way to exercise and challenge each other and do it in the comfort of your home. Complete each exercise for 2-3 sets of 12 reps. Try to do the routine 3 times a week. Have fun with it and stay committed to it, and you and your partner will reap the fitness benefits together.”

 1. ASSISTED LEG PRESS - One person lies on their back and the other creates resistance for the leg push by countering the press. The person creating the resistance also gets a great upper body workout.

2. PLANK HOLD WITH PARTNER PUSH-UP - One person gets down into a plank position. The other uses the partner’s back as a platform to do their push-ups. Great strength conditioning for you both too!  

3. ASSISTED SQUAT - While standing, facing each other, reach out and hold your partner’s hands. One person is the anchor while the partner performs squats, keeping his/her back as straight as possible.

4. LEG THROWDOWN - This is a great core exercise. One person lies on their back and the partner stands over them. The person on the floor raises their legs to their partner and holds onto their partners ankles. The partner then throws the legs downward to the floor, holding slightly above the floor for a count of 5. Slowly bring legs up to original position  and repeat

Happy partner training and new year! JR. Rosania/CEO Healthplex. Keep up to date with health and fitness tips with @jrrosania on twitter. How do you Previse?

The Morning Warm up Routine

Posted on September 4, 2012 at 10:51 AM Comments comments (569)
The Morning Warm up Routine
          By J.R.Rosania

So, you wake up and have a full day ahead of you. Part of your day includes a cardio or weight workout. You want to start the day off right, warmed up and ready to go at it. One of the best things we can do before we get our day going is to get our body going. The benefits of this routine is to kick start our metabolism and warm up our muscles and joints before we run out of the house. We will burn more calories thru out the day and be ready for the day's activities.

 The following exercises will do just that. Start with jumping jacks. Perform 3 sets of 30 seconds. Next perform 3 sets of 10-20 reps on the following exercises:  
From knees or from the toes, keep you body position straight and lower your body to the floor to a 90 degree elbow bend and push back to a locked elbow position.                                            crunches....
 Lying on your back with knees slightly bent and arms behind head, slowly raise upward while crunching you abdominal muscles. Slower lower to the floor and repeat.                                                                   full sit ups..... 
              Lying on you back with your knees bent and arms across your chest,                     raise you entire upper body off the floor toward your knees, slowly lower back down to the floor and repeat movement.                                                                          
           Standing squats
             From a standing position and feet about shoulder with, slowly lower into a sitting position and until your legs come to a 45 degree angle. Reverse movement and raise back up to a standing position and repeat.
         From a standing position, take one step forward and lower body to a 90 degree angle in the forward leg. Push back up from that position to a standing position and alternate legs.   

         These exercises will kick start your body and get you on you way to an energy filled day. 

Thank you Previse for partnering with me in health and wellness!

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 2:03 PM Comments comments (580)
Previse is thrilled to introduce to you renowned fitness and performance enhancing coach, CEO of Healthplex and author, (+18 time IronMan Triathalon finisher!), “J.R” Rosania as a contributing author to our blog! His simple fitness, health and lifestyle enhancement programs parallel the Previse passion for prevention philosophy.

“Today, I am proud to share with you my top 10 simple nutritional and exercise habits that I try to live by. Participate in them with me, and you will begin that road to  becoming a healthier athlete”.

  1. Find out your BMR – Basal Metabolic rate (metabolism) which is calories expended by the body at rest to maintain current body weight
  2. Know how many calories a day you burn, including exercise. Add your calories burned from your workout with your BMR number and total it up.
  3. Count your calories daily – Get a calorie counter booklet and begin with early morning calories and total up your foods and liquids.
  4. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. Pick any form of cardio – walking, jogging, swimming, hiking etc.
  5. Eat 6 meals a day, with equal number of calories that total your BMR. For example, lets say your BMR is 1800, eat 300 calories 6 times a day.
  6. Eat leafy greens everyday. Have a green vegetable and/or a multi greens salad
  7. Eat seeds, grains and nuts everyday. Choose between almonds, sunflower seeds and raw mixed nuts.
  8. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. Drink 6-8 ounces 8 – 12 times a day
  9. Do two days of 60 – 90 minutes of aerobic cardiovascular exercise. Pick a day where you can spend 1 -2 hours doing your favorite activity.
  10. Engage in some light to moderate strength training 2 times a week. Get on a full body resistance program to build stronger muscles.
Follow JR on twitter @jrrosania
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